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  • GTR Owners Club

    The GTR Owners Club is the official club for the Nissan GT-R and Nissan Skyline owners and enthusiasts. With members around the world the GTROC has long established itself as the point of reference for all accurate and up to date information on matters GT-R and Nissan Skyline.

    The GTROC is the only officially recognised owners club for the Nissan Skyline and Nissan GT-R anywhere in the world. Not only does this give us an insight into the future of the GT-R and where Nissan is going but it also allows us unprecedented access to a whole part of the GT-R community not normally open to the general public. A good example of this is the Nissan Brand Event that the OC is invited too. This is a private event for staff, friends and family of Nissan and is not open to the general public.

    We undertake Owners Club run Trackdays for Club Members at circuits around the UK, as well as our annual European Trip. These are all operated on a non-profit basis and Staff Members do this willing and voluntarily out of their own time for the Club Members.

    The GTROC welcomes owners and enthusiasts from across the globe as well as drivers of all model and marque, we do not differentiate between GT-R, Skyline GTR, GTT, GTSt, GTV, GTX and GT. The club is run as a non-for-profit organisation and every penny of income earned by the GTROC is put back into the club for the benefit of members.

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