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    ASK-510N series limit switch box have compact but robust construction conforms to explosion-proof standard.
    1. Cam setting
    The cam can be easily and accurately set without tools.
    Yellow cam is for open ,red cam is for close .
    2. Visual position indicator
    The indicator panel is directly connected with the central axis, and make the continuous position indication.
    1. We have a standardized quality control system. Each actuator will undergo product testing before leaving the factory. We have almost no customer complaints in 3 years.
    2. Have batch code for each relay, Has a good traceability.
    We are always ready for providing the sample and producing some small orders, in order to meet the business well. We are always ready to hear from you.
    Q:How can I choose the right actuator for us?
    A:You can send us your technical requirements, such as power supply voltage, torque value, we will choose the most suitable actuator according to your requirements.
    Q:Can you send me more detail information anout the actuator?
    A:Yes,you can send me mail about your inquiry and I’ll send you he detal information you need.
    Q:What is the minimum quantity of an order for your products?
    A:We don’t have the request for the minimum order value.So you can buy even one piece from us.
    Limit Switch Box Made in China