TEN OF THE BEST – Fun Team NOW Required

  • Ludders

    For the past two years Team GTROC have won Ten of the Best but due to work & family issues this year we now are looking forward to a more relaxed & fun time for 2017.

    So for 2017 we are purely doing it for fun without the intention of winning – if we do great, if we don’t then no worries as long as we all have fun.

    Anyone can be part of the Team GTROC 2017, but remember that on the actual day ten cars are selected that are considered to be the ones with the best chance of gaining team points – everyone else in the team continues to compete on an individual basis in an attempt to win individual awards.

    The event consists of a timed handling track, quarter mile drag racing & a one (1) km high speed run.  All drivers are entitled to try their hand at all three disciplines to score points.

    If you would like to be in Team GTROC for TOTB 2017 please add your name below or contact me with any questions.

    3 years, 8 months ago
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