The Third GTROC London Meet of 2018 – Brooklands – Sun 28th July

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    Sunday 28th July 2018

    Brooklands Museum, Brooklands Rd, Weybridge, KT13 0SL


    0700hrs at the main car park for Tescos Extra, Brooklands near the venue.


    0755hrs to convoy to arrive at 0800hrs at the Campbell Entrance off of Brooklands Road.


    This GTROC London Meet is a little different as it is incorporated into BROOKLANDS SUPERCAR SUNDAY that the GTROC have been attending for many years. It is an all-marques event in association with Ginger Beer Productions & will feature demonstrations on the Mercedes-Benz World track & the Brooklands Test Hill of exotic & exclusive modern & classic cars. A unique opportunity for the museums visitors to enjoy supercars at close quarters.

    For those who have been before you know the routine, but as a reminder & to anyone joining us for the first time please read below.

    It is important that you take note that we must pre-meet & arrive together for this event. Late arrivals could find themselves parked in another part of the museum which has happened in the past just to warn you! Yes I appreciate we are meeting initially in a car park, but with the nearby petrol station – 99ron fuel – coffee, tea & toilets its all very handy!

    At 07:55am ‘sharp’ we will be leaving Tescos for the short drive to the museum/track for an 08:00am arrival at the Campbell entrance – so no sightseeing tour this year, sorry!

    The event opens to the public at 09:00am so we need everyone in, sorted & parked up by then.

    Please note there is an entry fee with all proceeds going to the museum for the upkeep of the site & the historic Brooklands Track/Bowl. Where we meet at Tescos you can actually see the historic banking corner of the old Brooklands Track as well!

    This is a static event but for those interested – who must take their actual UK driving licence with them – there is the opportunity for you to put your Skyline, Stagea or GT-R up the Brooklands Test Hill in the afternoon. Details of this will be added to this thread later.

    Brooklands is a historic & repectable place & this has been descibed as a ‘Gentlemans Car Meet’ so no ‘antics’ or stupidity will be tolerated please – save this for your chav buddies in a fast food or retail outlet car park near you! GTROC Event Rules apply.

    Any questions please ask below as well as adding your name to the list of who is coming :


    1. E-Charge – R33 GT-R
    2. Grimblin Gibbon – NISMO N-Attack B GT-R



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