The Second GTROC LONDON MEET of 2018 – Sat 07th July

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    SATURDAY 07th of July 2018
    06:00pm till 11:00pm

    Ace Cafe London
    Ace Corner
    North Circular Road
    NW10 7UD

    So for the FIRST TIME in 12 plus years of running the GTROC London Meets we are going to try a Saturday evening! This does mean as it’s the time when chavs like ragging their Corsas & other small cars things will be run a little stricter & a little tighter than usual – but remember rules are for fools & the guidence of wise persons of non descript age, race or gender!

    GTROC London Meets at the world famous Ace Cafe London is open to everyone to come along, take part & get involved.

    BUT …

    EVERYONE – which ‘includes’ GTROC Members must contact me with their details to be added to ‘the list’ thus allowing you, your Skyline, your Stagea or GT-R into the main car park.

    Entry is STRICTLY by confirmation on the list otherwise you will be street parked regardless of whether we have space or not on the night – you can thank a few idiots from the last meet for that as we will not be letting unknowns in or anyone saying, “sorry I didn’t know I had to register” in. However there is plenty of local street parking available opposite & around the Ace Cafe anyway for those who just turn up unannounced or don’t own a Skyline, Stagea or R35.

    Please note as we are explaining to everyone the GTROC allows “ALL” models of Skylines into our events. So if you have a GTS, GTS-T, GTT, GTX, RS4 etc. etc. etc. you are more than welcome being part of the family as well as being just as important as any GT-R.

    Sooooooo … if you wish to park in the main car park then please follow the details below :


    Send a PM to myself – SPEED MERCHANT – with the following information :

    * Full Name
    * Colour / Make / Model of your Skyline, Stagea or R35.
    * Registration number ( VRM )

    All of the above details are in full & are a strict requirement. These details are under data protection so we don’t sell these on or give them out! Lack of information merely means you will be street parking – NO EXCEPTIONS!


    • To be in the main car park you must arrive in a Skyline, Stagea or an R35. Your S13 or Toyota Supra for example won’t be allowed as nice & or rare as they may be!
    • You cannot vouch for friends on the day or before, they must apply themselves.
    • The 2018 GTROC EVENT RULES apply in full – see the clubs forum.
    • GTROC Members “MUST” now inform us if they are coming.
    • This is a static meeting, you turn up, you park up!
    • Please drive to, arrive & leave sensibly & quietly. There will be lots of Police, ANPR, covert & overt CCTV who are aware of this meet.
    • No launches, burnouts, doughnuts, pops & bangs, unnecessary revving, flameouts, or drive bys doing any of the above. If you can’t follow these rules go to the local fast food or retail outlet car park & do them with you chav mates! Have some respect.
    • NO CANVASSING of any kind without the express permission of the GTROC at this event. You will be asked to leave if we find you & possibly banned from the Ace Cafe London itself!
    • No POLITICS, aggressive or anti-social behaviour. Your with like minded friends & family sharing a passion for our cars. This is not a playground.
    • The GTROC will assist fully in any prosecution by Police or Civil Parties if you are caught & linked to this meet doing anything illegal! You will be banned from future events & GTROC Members can lose their membership permanently.
    • There is an on-licence at the venue so no drinking & driving – swoop downs from the Police have been known from people leaving the Ace 
    • You can only consume food or drink bought on the premises.

    Sorry it’s a bit tighter on the rules, but for 99.9% of you we know it won’t be a problem.

    We look forward very much to seeing you & your pride & joy & we have a limit of sixty cars on a first come, first served basis – so make sure you let us know your coming. There will of course leading up to the event be the much sacrificing of chavs & idiots on the furnace to the weather Gods for a dry warm evening!

    We will update the list on this first post too as people start to send their details.


    1. E-Charge = PM RECEIVED
    2. G.Shuttleworth = PM RECEIVED
    3. Auto Extreme = GTROC PARTNER = PM RECEIVED
    4. Beto R33 = PM RECEIVED
    5. Richpa = PM RECEIVED
    6. Azyzz = PM RECEIVED
    7. Samie = PM RECEIVED
    8. Andy.T = PM RECEIVED
    9. Trevbwhite = PM RECEIVED
    10. Vince.D = PM RECEIVED
    11. Alex.M = PM RECEIVED
    12. Datsun B310 = PM RECEIVED
    13. Datsun B310(2) = PM RECEIVED
    14. Datsun 710 = PM RECEIVED
    15. Pulsar GTiR = PM RECEIVED
    16. Dan Sparks = PM RECEIVED
    17. Steve.C = PM RECEIVED
    18. Manzgtr = PM RECIEVED
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    List has been updated in the first post  :-)



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  • Alan

    PM sent

    1 year, 2 months ago

    We / I have been notoriously bad at post events stuff this year for which we / I can only appologise.

    With social media being the main output & driving force for the club, our Facebook “Page” or “Group” is the main thing to look at for post event comments, banter & photos. These links below should assist in showing you what you may have missed if you could not attend on of our events.

    GTROC EVENTS shown here :

    GTROC PHOTOS shown here :

    It also goes without saying after all GTROC Events our greatfulness in no particular order goes out to those people whether ‘Paid Members’ or not :

    • Who brought along their Skyline, Stagea or GT-R onto the Club Stand.
    • Who helped setup the Club Stand at the event!
    • Who helped in another capacity with the Club Stand at the event.
    • Who helped pack up the Club Stand at the event!

    So if one of the GTROC Staff didn’t get round to you on the day to say it, then please accept our thanks & gratitude in light of this message for this event.

    If you have any photos you wish to add from an event then either post them in this thread or contact me so I can add them to the official albums on Facebook.

    Thanks for reading.



    1 year ago

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