The Last GTROC London Meet of 2016


    Well what a fantastic day for the final GTROC London Meet of the year at the Ace Cafe London. Forty plus cars over the day, meeting of friends old as well as new, great banter and such generosity from everyone towards this years charity & the weather! Most people went home with a tan or sunburn! My own Cornish tan was even topped up and I wasn’t event wearing shorts … darn  B-)

    In terms of the list of those I have to thank & in no particular order :

    * ED KEATING VIDEO AND PHOTOGRAPHY – Ed does apologise for his very late arrival for which there was good reason. As it was towards the end of the day he didn’t get time to shoot all the cars there for the event, but he managed to shoot those cars that donated to charity for their own photoshoot.

    * The staff at THE WAVE PROJECT for sending me the brochures, leaflets as well as the video we showed all day yesterday which you can see below. Everyone who donated towards the charity yesterday as in three short hours you all managed to raise a superb amount in such a short time. Well done & thank you so, so much  :cool:


    * EVERYBODY WHO TURNED UP !!! So great to see you all whether your a London Crew regular or it was your first time. The quality of the cars were astounding and it was lovely to see the enthusiasm of those of you who are still new to the ownership experience as well.

    * Thank you and welcome to those that signed up as GTROC Members yesterday, our Membership Secretary was there to speak with you all and your packs will be sorted this week  :thumbsup:

    * GTROC Sponsor NISSAN LONDON WEST along with the GT-R specialist Amjad who brought a stunning brand new white MY17 GT-R with only 35 miles on the clock! Loads of you got to have a good look and poke around whilst it was there for a few hours and we thank you on one of your busiest sales days for coming along.

    * GTROC Staff who attended included our Mr Chairman Sir who mingled with everyone all day – thank you ladies and gents.

    * The ACE CAFE LONDON staff, marshals and customers – one of whom donated a brand new bike jacket for auction which was snapped up rather sharpishly !!! Marshal Nick, you are a legend fella  :thumbsup:

    * Everyone else who took pictures and shared them on social media – many people are still working on them so we will post more as the week progresses!

    * If I’ve forgotten everyone else holla, but we thank you as well!

    Remember that the 2017 London Meets will start again next year on the last Saturday in April, but we have swapped some of the months around so keep an eye on the events calendars etc. From me personally I’d like to thank everyone who has attended one, some or all of the meets this year at the Ace Cafe London. Despite the current difficulties the ACE CAFE LONDON face due to the chav or idiot few who think they can ride/drive in a race or drift type manor on public roads outside or around the cafe. Everyone at our meets conducted themselves safely & sensibly on arrival and leaving showing how things should be done keeping the reputation of the club and meets intact. So much so in conjunction with a side project of the club, we will be having a Saturday night meet too  B-)

    Don’t forget that we still have the GTROC Stand at the up and coming JAPSHOW FINALE 2016 to look forward to at SANTAPOD, plus the GTROC AGM for Members and the Awards Dinner as well …



    4 years ago
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