The Final GTROC London Meet of 2018


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    Saturday 29th September 2018

    11:00am until 04:00pm

    Ace Cafe London
    Ace Corner
    North Circular Road
    NW10 7UD

    So already we are at the years final GTROC London Meet at the world famous Ace Cafe London on the last Saturday of September.

    The meeting is open to everyone to turn up, come along, take part & get involved. However if you wish to put your Nissan Skyline, Stagea or GT-R into the main car park for display then you will need to read below how to apply. Other makes & models of car will be able to use the plentiful street parking available opposite & around the Ace Cafe.

    PLEASE NOTE that the GTROC accepts “ALL” models of the Nissan Skyline to our events, so a GTS, GTS-T, GTT, GTX, RS4 etc. etc. are just as import as the GT-R.


    Send a PM to myself – SPEED MERCHANT – with the following information :

    * Full Name
    * Colour / Make / Model of your Skyline, Stagea or R35.
    * Registration number ( VRM )

    All of the above details are in full & are a strict requirement. These details are under data protection so we don’t sell these on or give them out either! Lack of information merely means you will be street parking – NO EXCEPTIONS! This also applies to GTROC Members who can no longer now just turn up unannounced with their Membership Cards.


    • To be in the main car park you must arrive in a Nissan Skyline, Stagea or an R35. Your S13 or Toyota Supra for example won’t be allowed as nice & or rare as they may be!
    • You cannot vouch for friends on the day or before, they must apply themselves.
    • The 2018 GTROC EVENT RULES apply in full – see the clubs forum.
    • GTROC Members “MUST” now inform us if they are coming.
    • This is a static meeting, you turn up, you park up!
    • Please drive to, arrive & leave sensibly & quietly.
    • No launches, burnouts, doughnuts, pops & bangs, unnecessary revving, flameouts, or drive bys doing any of the above.
    • NO CANVASSING of any kind without the express permission of the GTROC at this event. You will be asked to leave if we find you & possibly banned from the Ace Cafe London itself!
    • No POLITICS, aggressive or anti-social behaviour. Your with like minded souls sharing a passion for our cars. This is not a playground & there are children present.
    • The GTROC will assist fully in any prosecution by Police or Civil Parties if you are caught & linked to this meet doing anything illegal! You will be banned from future events & GTROC Members can lose their membership permanently.
    • There is an on-licence at the venue so no drinking & driving – swoop downs from the Police have been known from people leaving the Ace 
    • You can only consume food or drink bought on the premises.

    If you can’t follow these rules go to the local fast food or retail outlet car park meet & do them there. We do have a banned list as recently people can’t seem to follow simple rules!

    This event is also advertised on GTROC media such as Facebook & Instagra. The list of attendies below may not be complete but we try to update when we can.


    1. P125 BHG – Purple R33 GTR – Elliot
    2. L391 LBE – Grey R32 GTR – Daniel
    3. P354 PKE – R33 GTS-T – Auto Extreme
    4. S444 EFF – White Skyline 350GT – Saif
    5. W691 WNY – R34 GT-T – Barry
    6. J501 MJK – R32 GTR – Peter
    7. YYU 832T – Skyline 240K GT – Kay
    8. A17XXE = R35 GTR = Alex
    9. A7HUR = R33 GTR = Azyzz
    10. A7GTR = R33 = Samie
    11. BA11LAX = NISMO R35 = Grimblin Gibbon
    12. J99RGW = R35 GTR = Richard
    13. RIG8310 – Datsun
    14. LBY494V – Datsun
    15. WYR 203N – Datsun
    16. MCY419J – Datsun
    17. XGN533W- Datsun
    18. AJD 895T – Datsun
    19. N80SSY – R35 GT-R – Stephen
    20. R33KOV – R33 GTS-T – ShaftNo1
    21. R983JBA – R33 – Danny
    22. N531SMY – R33 – Zdenek
    23. T562RKR – R34 GTR – Andrew.
    24. G5 GJL – Stagea – Graeme
    25. A7ERX – R33 GTR – Afer
    26. AM17GTR – R35 GT-R – Ami
    27. Ed Keating Photography.
    28. P500GTR-R33-Alan
    29. SN12HXB-R35-Alan
    30. IP51RHZ – R34 GT-R – manzgtr
    31. M453AGL – R33 – Andy400
    32. I654MEP – R32 – Ricky



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