The 3rd GTROC London Meet of 2016 – BROOKLANDS


    Now the event is over all your photos & comments here please  B-)

    I would personally like to thank EVERYONE who came along today for the third GTROC London Meet which is held at a different but superb location of BROOKLANDS – the home of British motorsport.

    What initially started as an overcast hot muggy day then turned into a glorious one with the large yellow orb in the side – 32 degrees if your interested  :whistle:  B-) – with members sat chilling out in the shade under the wingspan of the now grounded concord in the afternoon  B-We had a large number of models & marquess representing the club today from R32s to R35s.

    The sheer number of us meant when we were displayed our cars, we stretched right around concord so photos of the stand had to be done in two stages!

    With thanks to Grimblin Gibbon the public & other car clubs got to see the UK’s only N-ATTACK B R35 NISMO GT-R too, both on the stand as well as partaking in the demo laps  :good:

    I’ll go into more detail in a few days as I’m shattered, along with some photos of my own.

    But the GTROC also provided well driven & professional entertainment to the general public with the demonstration laps over at the nearby Mercedes World, & up the famous BROOKLANDS Test Hill …

    We won’t mention Papa Smurf being red flagged twice going up the test hill, lol!

    Looking forward to seeing all your photos & thank you all for making this another great GTROC London Meet  :yes:  :rose:



    4 years, 3 months ago
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