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  • Matt@SVM

    Boost Logic 12 injector manifold
    ASNU Battleship fuel system
    Flex fuel system
    SVM 70mm TB’s

    SVM are awaiting the finalization of their Dyno Jet room ..In the mean time we have had a couple of cars requiring a few tweeks. Taff1275’s project is one such car.

    The kit
    Recently added.A boost logic 12 injector inlet manifold. An Asnu battle ship fuel system, a Pair of SVM billet throttle bodies.

    In the workshop

    under the bonnet

    Taking a closer look

    Set Up
    Flex fuel running circa 85% Ethonal
    Turbo choice Twin GT35, :)
    Boost 2.3 bar peek @ 2.4 bar
    Actuator base pressure 1.5 bar

    Fueling Via 6 x 1100cc Asnu injectors upper rail + 6x1050cc nearer the heads.
    Asnu Battle ship modified unions,pipes where required
    90% injector duty agreed limit.
    Ambient temp 22c
    Intercooler SVM Marston 80mm pipework
    Exhaust SVM 102mm

    Ready to go

    The Result

    1308bhp off Hubs @ 8258 rpm .. the power was dialed in nice and progressive from Ryan to give a very strong pull all the way to the top..Dewi didn’t want a “all hell let loose missile” lol

    IMO this should make a very fast R35 and one to watch :)

    Yes more to come for sure, but for now we hope Taff can Enjoy :)

    2 years, 6 months ago

    Wow! Those are some impressive stats, Taff must be a proud man :thumb:



    2 years, 6 months ago

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