On Your Marks – Bruntingthorpe – 16th & 17th September 2017

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    Dave Wilkins will be running this event on behalf of the GTROC which replaces the event that used to be called ASDA Charity Day.

    For personal reasons the original organiser John Forde stepped down last year and ASDA pulled out, but John is now back for 2017 with a similar event but this time working with BRUNTINGTHORPE directly.

    You can look on their website – http://www.on-your-marks.info/

    A summary of this event is that the GTROC take the paying public for a lap of the track laid out at the Bruntingthorpe Proving Ground in Leicestershire. The GTROC along with other car clubs charge for the lap and it raises money for worthy charities.

    The GTROC have done this since the inception of the event and either raised the most money out of the car club or close to the most.

    Changes to the event this year are :

    • There is no air-show as the Shoreham incident put the cost up too much.
    • Its now two days & not one.
    • There is no hotel deal, but for helping out or driving for the GTROC you can camp/caravan/motorhome on site all weekend for free.
    • Decent live bands on the Saturday night

    The GTROC is looking for :

    • Members who are professionally qualified or track savvy drivers to take the public out.
    • Members to help out on the day and not drive, but can have their Skyline, Stagea or GT-R on static display.

    As this is technically a new event the GTROC is not aiming to run cars into the ground in the effort to make the most money. We also want to concentrate on having a good time, a great weekend away & make some money towards worthy charities.


    The only stipulation with this event is it is for GTROC Members only, so you can attend, but you must be an Annual or Lifetime Member before the event.

    Please show your interest below or email Dave Wilkins on – david.wilkinsr32@sky.com


    It is a two day show over Saturday 16th & Sunday the 17th September 2017. There is evening entertainment on the Saturday night with some very good tribute bands, bar, food & camping / caravanning / motorhoming at HANGER 42 next to the main gate. The acts so far are Rod Stewart and Queen.

    The Hinckley Island hotel haven’t helped out this year as its not run by ASDA. There was a few weeks back about 100 rooms left, but no deals & you have to call them yourselves. There is a nearby Marriott, Hilton & other favourites in Leicester as well.

    The four charities for this year are :


    The former George Tent will now be a craft tent filled with local people selling their local wares.

    The site will be open from midday on Friday until midday on the Monday.

    The track is going to be run by the usual team that have done it so well over the last two years & will be open at 09:00am until 17.00 on both days with a 1 hour lunch break. The track will be cleared / blown – giggerty – on the Thursday the 14th & swept for six hours on Friday the 15th. On the morning of each day the track will be swept for three hours before the track is open at 09:00am.

    The Pits will be the same as always & Dave Wilkins will decide who is first out so they can park in the Pits straight away. Other GTROC drivers will park up behind the Pits on the grass. Remember you need to get in before 08:30am so you can bypass all the queue’s as Joe public will be going through HANGER 42 car park. You will be expressed through the main gate, turn right, then left on to the track and straight into the Pits.

    Bruntingthorpe have asked GTROC drivers to bring your :

    • Driving Licence
    • MOTs

    as you might be asked for them.

    All passengers will be asked to sign a disclaimer on every run in every car = no exceptions.

    This is a fun family day with children being allowed in the cars at the drivers discretion – so if you have them GTROC drivers will be asked to bring their own booster seats.




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