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    New Car Protection Package.

    Our new car detail package is our “investment” package. This service is for customers who have just purchased a new car. Even though your new pride and joy may have minimum or no miles on the clock, your new car has still been sitting around in storage in the open air, and transported to the dealership via transport lorry, as well as picking up swirls, scratches and marks due to inspections and being being wiped down in the showroom with improper techniques. In the new car protection package we remove any contaminants on the paintwork, wheels and glass and apply a protective layer of sealant/wax or coating appropriate to your car, and usage to keep your vehicles paintwork protected against salt, dust, dirt and harmful UV rays from the sun.

    *Pre purchase tip: If you buy your car from a dealership they will probably offer a “special” coating that can be applied to both interior and exterior. These coatings can cost upwards of £250 and usually cost around £15 to actually purchase. These coatings will usually be applied by anyone in the dealership who is free at the time with little or no expertise. The coating will mask any scratches or defect for a few washes, but will then fade, leaving your car with the original swirls and scratches that were hiding. We offer coatings that can be added to this package that will last for a year and over and cost considerably less, so if you are interested and would like to see a demonstration we can arrange this before your detail.

    Please note: If you require a mobile detailing service we highly recommend bringing the car to us (Located in Gravesend, Kent) unless you have a garage or at least 4Mx6M of space so we can use a professional gazebo. We advise this as we cannot guarantee our work due to unpredictable weather conditions or certain locations. I.E under tress or beside a main road.

    Estimated Time: 9hrs+

    Price: From £280

    Plus size vehicles (Ford C Max or larger) add £40

    (Please add £10 for mobile service)

    Pre detail inspection carried out, and any imperfections or damage recorded

    Wheels and wheel arches rinsed to remove any loose contamination

    Wheel arches cleaned with a specialized wheel shampoo and soft bristle wheel arch brushes

    Wheels cleaned using a wheel specific wheel cleaner, specific wheel shampoo, using soft wool wheel woollies, microfibre hand mitt and hog hair wheel brushes.

    Vehicle rinsed to remove any loose contamination.

    Door/boot shuts cleaned with an all purpose cleaner

    Non caustic citrus pre-wash applied to lower third of the vehicle, left to dwell then rinsed.

    P/h neutral snow foam applied to vehicle and left to dwell before rinsing.

    2 bucket wash using grit guards and grit guard washboard, and a high quality wash mitt.

    Vehicle rinsed with 30ppm filtered water.

    Vehicle dried using specialized microfibre drying towels with a drying agent, and intricate areas dried using a non contact car dryer using filtered air (if power is available)

    Exterior paintwork and glass clayed to remove bonded contaminants

    Single Stage machine polish to remove light scratches and swirls and add depth to your paintwork

    Isopropanol alcohol (IPA) applied to remove any polish residue

    Pre wax cleanser applied to paintwork to aid the bonding of wax or sealant

    *Sealant/wax/coating applied to paintwork

    Exterior trim dressed

    Chrome and stainless trim (inc exhaust) cleaned

    Outer glass and mirrors cleaned using specialized waffle-weave glass microfibre cloths.

    Rain repellent applied to windscreen

    Tyres are dressed with non sling tyre dressing.

    *All Swissvax, Dodojuice, Supernatural waxes and sealants are included in this detail package. Also Zymol wax (Designed specifically for bumpers, plastics and carbon fibre) is also included in this detail package. If you would like to add a coating please specify before detail. Professional Car Detailing 0o__o0

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  • Any questions regarding New car details please add them below. Thankyou… Professional Car Detailing 0o__o0

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