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    New Car Protection Package.

    This service is for customers who have just purchased a new car. Even though your new car may have minimum or no miles on the clock, your new car has been sitting around in storage in the open air, and transported to the dealership via transport lorry.

    during this time your car will pick up swirls, scratches and marks due to transportation and from being wiped down in the showroom with improper techniques. In the new car protection package we remove any contaminants on the paintwork, wheels and glass and apply a protective layer of sealant/wax appropriate to your car, and usage. This will keep your vehicles paintwork protected against salt, dust and dirt, and harmful UV from the sun.

    Please note: If you require a mobile detailing service we highly recommend bringing the car to us (Located in Gravesend, Kent) unless you have a garage or at least 4mx6m of space so we can use a professional gazebo. We advise this as we cannot guaranteeour work due to unpredictable weather conditions or certain locations, I.E under trees or beside a main road.

    Estimated Time: 9hrs+
    Price: From £240
    Plus size vehicles add £20 extra
    (Mobile service from £10)

    Pre detail inspection carried out, and any imperfections or damage recorded
    Removal of any protective vinyls, and dealership stickers
    Paint depth checked and readings recorded
    Wheels and wheel arches rinsed to remove any loose contamination
    Wheel arches cleaned with wheel shampoo and soft bristle wheel arch brush
    Calipers cleaned using a caliper brush
    Wheels cleaned using p/h neutral wheel cleaner, wheel shampoo, wheel woollies, microfibre hand mitt and hog hair wheel brushes, and then rinsed
    Door/boot shuts cleaned with an all purpose cleaner
    Vehicle rinsed to remove any loose contamination
    Non caustic citrus pre-wash applied to lower third of the vehicle, left to dwell then rinsed
    P/h neutral snow foam applied to vehicle, left to dwell before rinsing
    2 bucket wash using a high quality wash mitts
    Vehicle rinsed with 0ppm filtered water
    Vehicle dried using microfibre drying towels and a drying agent. Intricate areas dried using a non contact car dryer using filtered air (if power is available)
    Iron fallout remover applied if applicable
    Tar removed from vehicle using tar and glue remover if applicable
    Exterior paintwork and glass clayed to remove bonded contaminants
    All trim and badges masked
    Single stage machine polish to remove light scratches and swirls and add depth to your paintwork
    Sealant/wax applied to paintwork*
    Exterior trim dressed
    Chrome and stainless trim (Inc exhaust) cleaned
    Mirrors, interior and exterior glass cleaned
    Rain repellent applied to all exterior glass
    Tyres are dressed with rubber preserving dressing
    Final checks and wipe down with quick detailer if required

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