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    Our maintenance detail is our “safe wash” package. This detail package is ideal for customers who already have protection on their car, and want to keep it looking great for as long as possible.

    With or without protection on your paint, washing your car using poor wash techniques is the worse thing you can do. Poor wash techniques can leave your paintwork with swirls, scratches and leave it looking dull over time.

    This package is ideally a bi-weekly detail depending on how much you use your car, and how your car is stored.

    Estimated Time: 1-2hrs

    Price: From £30 but plus size vehicles (Ford C Max or larger) add £10 extra & £10 for mobile service.

    *Pre detail inspection carried out, and any imperfections or damage recorded.

    *Wheels and wheel arches rinsed to remove any loose contamination.

    *Wheel arches cleaned with a specialized wheel shampoo and soft bristle wheel arch brushes.

    *Wheels cleaned using a wheel specific wheel cleaner, specialized wheel shampoo, using soft wool wheel woollies, microfibre hand mitt and hog hair wheel brushes.

    *Calipers cleaned with a caliper brush then rinsed.

    *Vehicle rinsed to remove any loose contamination.

    *Non caustic citrus pre-wash applied to lower third of the vehicle, left to dwell then rinsed.

    *P/h neutral snow foam applied to vehicle and left to dwell before rinsing.

    *Two bucket wash using grit guards and grit guard washboard, and a high quality wash mitt.

    *Vehicle rinsed with 30ppm filtered water.

    *Vehicle dried using specialized microfibre drying towels with a drying agent.

    *Outer glass and mirrors cleaned using specialized waffle-weave glass microfibre cloths.

    *Quick detailer or spray wax applied to paint.

    *Tyres are dressed with non sling tyre dressing. Professional Car Detailing 0o__o0

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  • Any questions regarding Maintenance details please add them below. Thankyou… Professional Car Detailing 0o__o0

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