JapShow Finale

    As the season closer Jap Show Finale is your last chance to get your car out there before winter draws in. We have something for everyone with the country’s quickest cars competing in the FWD Drag Series, Show Paddock, public Run What Ya Brung open to everyone including bikes, Trade area, Show & Shine, Club displays, Drifting, Jet Dragster, Stunts, Fueltopia Barrel Sprint and more! So leave those winter wheels off for the weekend and hit the strip at Santa Pod.

    The GTROC has secured prime location once more for this event on hard standing against the track! Tickets for GTROC Members & Non Members are now in the clubs online shop which allow access for one with their Skyline, Stagea or GT-R.

    GTROC Members please make sure that you are logged in to purchase your members tickets otherwise you won’t see them in the shop!

    Once you have purchased your tickets then please add your names to the list below :


    1. Paul/B = PAID
    2. Richard.W = PAID
    3. Saleem.S = PAID
    4. Alex.M = PAID
    5. Andrew.H = PAID
    6. Tony.C = PAID
    7. Andrew.H = PAID
    8. Lewis.G = PAID
    9. Gurpal.K = PAID
    10. Paul.K = PAID
    11. Marcin.P = PAID
    12. Stephen.B = PAID
    13. Gregg.B = PAID
    14. Stephen.W = PAID
    15. Marcus.S = PAID
    16. Alex.M = PAID
    17. James.D = PAID
    18. Amar.L = PAID
    19. Carl.H = PAID
    20. Kev.C = PAID
    21. Kev.C Son#1 = PAID
    22. Kev.C Son#2 = PAID

    GTROC MEDIA - http://gtroc.org/forums/topic/the-gtroc-on-the-internet/


    2 years, 10 months ago
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