So how could I sum up JAPFEST 2016 from start to finish from 06:00am on Sunday morning :

    • The foresight of stress
    • Snow!
    • Gates open late to clubs & some traders
    • No stress
    • Best trade area of any show – EVER
    • Packup
    • Home time

    So I have to say apart from a shite ticket system leading up to the event, not telling me exactly where our stand space is in our allotted area on the map – until you arrive – & not providing enough space for all our cars despite them knowing how many we had going – it was a very good event!

    I loved the venue, it worked very well for this event especially as most clubs were on hard standing. The toilets – listen well other organisers – despite obviously being busy were were managed, staffed & VERY BLOODY CLEAN all day! It was also nice that there were plenty of stand taps for general as well as drinking water all over the place. The trade village was probably the best I have seen in a long time, nay EVER! Huge & varied but we also know this was partly/mainly down to unlike other shows the traders weren’t being charged a small fortune to be there either!

    So in no particular order :

    • Thank you to the clubs Chairman for making an 80 mile round trip on Saturday afternoon to drop the generator off so we could have breakfast Sunday morning. Its the things like this that people are never aware of when events are organised & run by the club behind the scenes.
    • A personal thank you to Grimblin Gibbon for the loan of his NISMO R35 N-ATTACK(B) GT-R all weekend as ARKHAM was not available – I am humbled  :heart:
    • Thank you to EVERYONE who was on the stand yesterday – heroes, the lot of you for making the time & effort to join us in those cold conditions! Okay, the stand didn’t look pretty & we hate the NCP park look, but we had to work with the room given & most of you I spoke to over the day weren’t too bothered.
    • Apologise if I didn’t chance to say hello, goodbye or introduce myself ! Large stands at major shows I get spread thin, especially when cooking as well.
    • Thank you to those who first time this was being with the GTROC, great to meet you all & see your awesome cars!
    • Thank you to old friends, new faces & those who came over to say hello.
    • Special thank you to the smokers , lol ! Well those of you who loaned your lighters to keep the tea & coffee flowing with our fuel burners!
    • Thank you to NISSAN LONDON WEST who came down & graced the stand all day – Amjad, your a legend despite not liking the cold!
    • Of course much kudos to those that helped setup the stand during the snow, sleet & rain that finally buggered off & a strange yellow orb filled the sky till lunchtime! Same thing to the packing up at the days end too!

    If I think of anything else I’ll add it in another post!

    Bring on the photos people!

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    4 years, 6 months ago
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