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    East of England Arena and Events Centre
    East of England Showground
    PE2 6XE

    (SAT NAV, please use PE2 6HE as the postcode.)

    Well we weren’t going to, but with big changes promised for this year we have agreed with our usual partners in crime of TEAM SUSHI to have another joint stand at this event. However this year we are aiming for a small social stand based more on having a good time & social than worrying about the number of Skylines, Stageas or GT-Rs!

    This is the 10th anniversary for Team Susho coming to J.A.E too, we remember all those years ago when they first arrived at J.A.E fully paid up for their own plot that did not exist! So the GTROC came to the rescue offering them space on our stand & that to be honest has been the way things have been ever since! The spirit of JAE others are told when they hear this story!

    For some more history over the many years that the GTROC have attended, we have :

    • Won best club stand.
    • Featured in many of the major car magazines.
    • Featured the full family of Skyline, Stagea & GT-R from a KGC-10, the R35 GT1 GT-R to the latest model of the R35 GT-R!
    • We’ve been known to still be awake at sun up!
    • Have partaken in the weekend competitions or assisted other clubs to compete!
    • Had guests on the stand from Nissan employees to actual celebs!


    So to join Team Sushi & ourselves this year all you need to do is goto thi link :

    Once you have done this then you can :

    • Park your pride & joy on the GTROC Stand!
    • If your camping with us then you can pitch for your tent on the stand.
    • Free hot beverages for your time at the event.
    • Free soft drinks until they run out.
    • As the most eco friendly stand at the event as we use solar to generate our power, you will be able to charge your phones etc.
    • Our stand has lighting for the evening so no stumbling round with a torch!
    • Marquee incase of inclement weather.
    • Evening fire pit.

    The GTROC has also for years provided food for those on our stand too for a subsidies price compared to eating on site from the vendors. By purchasing a food ticket from the GTROC online shop then it will entitle you to the following :

    • Breakfast on Friday, Saturday & Sunday mornings.
    • Lunchtime snacks including ‘the’ genuine Japanese Pot Noodle soup type thing!
    • Evening meals on Friday & Saturday nights.

    Tickets can be found in this section of the GTROC Online Shop :


    • You don’t need to be a club member to join us!
    • As Team Sushi are a mixed bunch of Japanese cars then if you have a lawnmower (Honda) or other Jap car then you can still join us! You would be surprised how many just come along for the social aspect leaving their non Jap car in the car park!
    • All models of Skyline owners welcome – you GTS is just as important as any GT-R.
    • All Stagea owners welcome.
    • All R35 owners welcome.

    So finally after doing these events a while here are some of things you may need coming along to this event, especially if your doing all three days :

    • Chair(s) – folding, camping, inflatable!? You will want to sit down.
    • Travel Mug/Cup – whilst we have a supply of plastic U.S. red party cups, they are not endless!
    • Alcohol – whilst everyone kinda throws in to the beer tubs bring your own but we don’t tolerate drunk & disorderly!
    • If your a vegetarian you can bring your own food or let me know after purchasing your meal ticket … there is also plenty of plants, trees & grass on site!
    • Tent – unless your sleeping in your car or wimping it in a local hotel or B&B!
    • Hayfever Tablets – countryside folks, you may need them!
    • Sunglasses / Umbrella.
    • Warmer clothing for the evenings.

    So we look forward to seeing you, just put your names below once you have purchased your tickets etc.

    GTROC / Team Sushi Stand 2018

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