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    It is with great pleasure that I am able to announce the first round of the 2018 Jap Drag Series will be run at The Fast Show on the weekend of 14th/15th April at Santa Pod on the brand new track!!
    New rules being introduced this year will mean that anyone taking part can win.
    The 2018 JDS is open to any vehicle powered by any Japanese engine. To run in the Street class the vehicle must be four or rear wheel drive and capable of running between 12.99 and 7.50 seconds.
    Slower cars will be given a head start over the quicker cars based on the car’s Best time – i.e. an 11.00 second car gets a 2.00 second start over a 9.00 second car. Whoever crosses the finishing line first wins! There will be no breakouts!
    Ever improving PBs will be carried forward from round to round making the event some of the closest head to head racing you will ever see. A car’s PB will only ever improve and never step backwards..
    Cars built from 2010 onwards can run down to 10.00 seconds flat with no additional safety equipment fitted. This opens the door to so many racers who did not want to add cages etc to their highly expensive daily driver.
    Older vehicles or altered vehicles will need to abide by the safety regulations set out in the Jap Drag Series Rules.
    Watch this space for further information but meanwhile who wants to enter this great revamped Series and race at the Fast Show? Please tell us that you are entering your car.

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