Well what can I say, but another JAE came and went with the speed of British summer!

    Was a strange one this year though as I heard many people echoing my thoughts of the weird atmosphere, less people turning up and rain on Saturday not helping either. It was very quiet on the Friday & Saturday night where normally people are partying / walking around; especially after the late night shenanigans of Thursday night which was a first and more attuned to a Friday or Saturday night! However come Friday & Saturday, people were in bed early! One good thing that did shine through though was proving that by the event using a dedicated showground, the grass was not waterlogged, no mud patches or bowls & the cars parked on grass were fine!

    We won’t mention the toilets either  :negative:

    Maybe the organisers will hopefully listen to this years – as well as last years – constructive criticism for next year   :good:

    • Toilets need to be staffed by cleaners for around 20 hours.
    • Bins need to be out by Thursday and collected more than once a day.
    • A stop to the drink driving


    I would like to thank everyone who came along to make the joint GTROC / Team Sushi stand an absolute pleasure this year. We spent time with our Scottish family who were short a few as well after various car failures just prior or during the journey. We also showed everyone Saturday night that we were party central with Dave.W’s rave tent – video coming soon   :good:

    The stand this year was also graced with the almighty presence of the the clubs Chairman & the hardcore JAE attending Vice Chairman – creator of the GTROC Anti-freeze Cocktail – who were both there for the whole four days. The GTROC Treasurer also attended on Friday with Dave.W of TheGTRSHOP.com who brought his Japanese Box Car as well an R35 too to help complete the heritage line up! Thank you to Ian for the annual Moscow Mules as well  B-)

    As always some photos below – more coming – and yes I’ve probably missed loads but I’ve been ill then back to work!

    All the years from 2009 to present !With thanks to all the photographers.www.gtroc.org

    Posted by GTROC onMonday, October 19, 2009

    ( Photo album shows all JAE photos over the years so go down the bottom to the newer ones! )


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