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    Interior Detail Package.

    You spend more time in your car than looking at the outside, so why not go for an interior detail? You spent countless hours inside your car so dirt builds up after time, so why not get your interior looking as clean as your exterior?

    *Please note that any items found inside the car will be placed in a clear plastic bag and moved to the boot. Also a £20 extra charge will be applied for heavy soiling or excessive pet hair. Plastic seat covers will be provided for the journey home if interior is still damp, but must be removed hen parked so interior can dry completely.

    Estimated Time: 1hr+

    Price from £30

    Plus size vehicles (Ford C max or larger) add £20

    (Please add £10 for mobile service)

    Rubbish removed from interior

    Interior is fully vacuumed and dusted

    Vents cleaned with a detailing brush

    Interior trim wiped down with an all purpose cleaner

    All interior lass/mirrors cleaned

    Door and boot shuts cleaned with an APC

    *Dodojuice spray air freshener applied to interior or Dodojuice Mr Skittle or Dodojuice Freshly juiced watermelon hanging air freshener

    Additional interior services:

    Cloth seats, door card fabric, carpets, and headlining cleaned with a specialized carpet/upholstery cleaner and water extractor and/or a steam cleaning machine – £40

    Leather cleaned and fed using specialist cleaners/conditioners – £40

    *Dodojuice Mr Skittles or Freshly juiced watermelon air fresheners with upholstery or leather clean only. All other interior details dodo juice spray air freshener will be applied. Professional Car Detailing 0o__o0

    7 months, 3 weeks ago
  • Any questions regarding Interior details please add them below. Thankyou… Professional Car Detailing 0o__o0

    7 months, 3 weeks ago

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