How Do I Register a Free Account On This Site?


    So you want to open up the forum a little, see what events you can attend with your Nissan Skyline, Stagea or GT-R or buy something from the Clubs online shop? Well fear not, its not difficult & can be done in minutes.

    The easiest way is to click the link below, or at the top right of the screen you will see a round circle with a shadowed profile. If you click or hover the mouse over this you will get two options, one to ‘Sign In’. The other is ‘Create Account’ – you need to click this :

    The first box is asking you for a username – this is quite an important choice. Your username is what you will use when logging in to this website. Historically it is also often what people will call you/refer to you as on the forum, meetings, events etc. before they get to know you. You might just want your first name as your username, but it is not recommended to use your full name.

    The second box is where you need to put your email address in. This will be the registered email address that the Club will use if we need or try to contact you, especially if you become a paid GTROC Member.

    Remember we don’t spam, pass on your details & only use them for Club business  :

    The next box will ask you to input a password. Remember it needs to be strong so we recommend using upper & lower case characters, numbers & other keyboard symbols too.

    The last two sections are for Profile Details – this is used when you purchase something from the Clubs online shop. Both sections are easy to figure out!

    The lastly all you need to do is click the RED section that says COMPLETE SIGN UP.

    If you have any problems then please let us know.



    2 years, 5 months ago
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