Hello from me & Shrek, my R34

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  • Jps

    Hi All,

    As a relative new member of the forum & new Skyline owner I’ve been getting to know the car, Shrek, for the past few weeks, so thought I’d better now say hello and also, If I can, post a few photographs of its first wash day!

    I used a pressure washer with mixing bottles for the snow foam – not very good foaming! – therefore i require a dedicated snow foam lance, to attach to the pressure washer – any suggestions please?

    New indoor car cover arrived, so tried that out too.

    Silverstone was fantastic last weekend, thanks to Ross, Dave, Sean and many others for making us all feel welcome… hopefully we will be at the Asda day this coming Saturday – see you all there,

    Paul & Shrek

    2 years, 2 months ago

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