GTROC Code of Conduct 2017 – for all to read …

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    ** GTROC CODE OF CONDUCT 2016 **

    01. The GTROC is first and foremost, a car club & a not-for-profit organisation. It is an enjoyable environment, both online & in real life catering for like-minded people who share an enthusiasm for the Nissan Skyline, the Nissan Stagea, the R35 GT-R & other heritage cars associated with these brands. We will not tolerate “politics” in this area or areas such as other clubs, organisations or facebook pages/groups for example. As such any threads or posts deemed to contain this will be removed without prior notice or warning.

    02. The GTROC is run by unpaid volunteers & is not a business. So as such please respect that a response to a query – for example – may not be within a period you might expect from well known companies like Amazon, Littlewoods etc. The GTROC will endeavour to come back to you as soon as possible.

    03. The GTROC forum is an online home for news, events, shopping & discussion around our cars. It caters for both members of the club & enthusiasts alike. We expect people to behave in a manner which would be acceptable in real life & also abide by the articles of membership. Therefore we have some guidelines for how we want our online home to be:

    • Abuse & intolerance – everyone has a different definition of what amounts to online ‘bullying’ or abusive / agressive behaviour. What you might see as ‘banter’ may be seen to another in a different light. Be aware of this & if moderators request you tone it down or alter your behaviour – please listen and understand that it was requested for the good of the whole club.
    • Religion, Politics & Sex – the things you don’t talk about on a first date in other words. These subjects are highly emotive & people hold very different views which are sometimes immovable & might be fundamentally different from your own. While we support freedom of speech on the this forum, any discussions around these – or other subjects aside from discussions about automotive topics – that inflame opinions then please be aware they may be moderated, closed or deleted without prior notice. REMEMBER that this is a car club!
    • The clubs Board Members & some Management Staff have the ability to remove you from a thread permanently. If this is deemed necessary three times, you will be banned from the Forum & potentially the GTROC.

    04. Join in, ask questions but PLEASE use the search button before asking anything if you are new. Asking a question having researched it will really help you get a swifter answer & help get into the club. People are really friendly, but answering the same question over again for three years or more can get just a tad tedious!

    05. SPONSORS & PRODUCTS – the GTROC accepts that there are always two sides to every story. If you have a legitimate complaint we would suggest you try to resolve directly with the vendor. If for whatever reason you reach an impasse, or wish to share your experience with the community then please keep it factual. Whilst we appreciate this can sometimes be difficult make sure that you outline the specific issue, timeframe & lack of resolution. Do not bring to the fore anything you’re unable to prove. We have the functionality to allow Dispute Resolutions within the forum, so only you & your nominated Sponsor can comment  – along with Moderation staff. We will then allow the Sponsor – if a club sponsor – the right to reply or allow the Vendor to post to defend/rectify any issue within a mutually acceptable time frame. We hope that if an issue reaches the point you choose to go public in order to seek resolution, the GTROC reserves the right to close a thread to allow a sensible discussion & reply. The GTROC will not tolerate fanning, spamming or fan boy behaviour – see below :

    • a.) Fan Boy – we understand everyone has a favourite Sponsor, Product/Service etc. in life & that people can be emotionally attached to them. We also realise that Fan Boy flaming of threads can detract from the conversation, blur the subject & cause more conflict. Whilest everyone has the right to discuss things openly, when something goes wrong simply posting how wonderful another tuner/product etc is not acceptable. The GTROC reserves the right to moderate & close/delete threads as appropriate.
    • b.) Post limits – as you know there are lots of people on the internet simply wishing to sell things, cause issues or not enter into the spirit of the club & the community. Because of this we have post limits to show your commitment & legitimacy to the club & forum. This is there to prevent scammers posting for sale items immediately & building up a presence prior to posting photos etc. Members of the club have uplifted privileges such as posting pictures, garage, signatures etc.

    06. SANCTIONS – The GTROC operates a three strikes policy & nobody is exempt from this. As stated in point 02 we are open to all & inclusive of all petrol heads. If you are given a ban – for whatever reason – it was not from a knee jerk reaction & you will have the reasons explained. If you get banned three times you will be deemed not to have heeded the advice & therefore will be banned for life. We never want to get to this situation, but reserve the right to protect our members & community. If you are also a Club Member you may also be removed from the Club if your behaviour has been deemed unacceptable. We expect people to behave the same online as you would in person …






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