GTROC AGM Evening Dinner pictures.

  • evo9lution

    Was a productive AGM with some good points discussed and some great and generous proposals made; you know who you are :thumb: Looking forward to a great GTROC 2016!

    Thanks to Ross, Dave, Malcolm, Kriss & Penny (and any others) for organising a great AGM and awards dinner. Thanks also to Mel for the lovely, tasty cookies and beans :thumb:

    It’s always great to see my friends from the GTROC and am looking forward to seeing many again at the track day in December.

    Lastly, thank you all for the award, It is very much appreciated! Well done to Graham, Mel, Shaun, Barry, Matt, Martin, Elliot, Jeff, Gill, Francis, Malcolm and the TOTB team; the other award winners! Each and all very deserving :thumb:

    7 years, 3 months ago
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