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    Started the season with an epic day on Saturday with 27 cars entered by us and over 30 people attending the pre-event social on Friday evening at the Green Man.

    Weather started a bit cold and drizzly but soon dried up to give us perfect conditions from about 11am onwards. Some good solid track time and only one mechanical issue that side-lined a Skyline in the morning. Steve Jackman (Monkey Nuts) took hundreds of pictures of the day and will be posting up some teasers soon.

    A massive thank you for all that attended and congratulations on your standard of driving, which is more that can be said of certain Civic R drivers and certain Porsche drivers apart from Blade Tony) who brought two most beautiful cars to the event.

    A couple of noise issues that we managed to cope with and a big thank you to Jake Hill for all his instruction and Iain Litchfield who came equipped with his laptop to sort a few software issues out.

    Let us all  wish Jake Hill a successful season in Touring Cars with Team Hard in the Toyota Avensis and all his race this season (30) will be going out live on ITV4 and ITV4 HD on the Sunday’s of the race meeting from 11am – 6pm

    Next track day will be on Monday 13th June with the pre-event social on Sunday 12th June at the Green Man. I will launch this in a couple of weeks time when I know the deal and the details

    4 years, 7 months ago
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