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    Still tired after a long day yesterday but just wanted to say thank you to everyone who came along and made the last GTROC London Meet of 2017 a very memorable one.

    The day started sunshine and blue skies but around 02:00pm for the first time in about 12 or 13 years it rained – no Suzie, rained not Reigned! It was only about 15 minutes worth & then the meeting enjoyed a warm but overcast afternoon to finish with.
    We had some awesome cars come along as per usual from the GTS to the GTR across all the models including two R35 NISMO GT-Rs – the MY15 N-Attack B which is a regular belonging to Grimblin Gibbon as well as the new MY17 NISMO as well – we look forward to seeing more of you next year and apologise for forgetting your name! Petrolhe4ds wide ‘assed’ Stagea drew some crowds, two R34 R1’s and a restored and for sale R33 GT-R that was one of the last Tweenie Rob tuned Skylines were to name but a few of your stunning cars. We even had old skool Member Robbie turn up in his latest toy … a Nissan Micra / March running some GT-R gear as he put it all cobbled together by Abbey! We said hello to the old Skool Datsun mob who joined us once more with some stunning A10s & 310s amongst their posse. Gordons restored R33 LeMans after yet more changes – its lovely to say we had all the marques and most of the models there yet again – thank you everyone.

    Being the final meet of this year, it was charity day too with Ed Keating Video and Photography doing their bit by providing photo shoots of members and guests Skylines and GTRs and all proceeds going to the Air Ambulance charity. Thank you Ed as you didn’t stop all day and that included when the heavens opened too! Still have to do the official count, but between £260 to £280 pounds was raised in total – thank you all who donated to a worthy cause.

    Nice also to see the GTROC Chairman – Ross – in attendance with his Janspeed R32 GT-R; a.k.a The Green Machine as well as the GTROC Motorsport Coordinator – Alan – with his modified white R33 GT-R. He left the R35 at home! E-Charge as the clubs South Central Rep came along in his R33 GT-R and special mention to Trev who still came along despite moving on from Skylines and GTRs and nurturing his inner chav with RS Ford Focus ownership  :)  However we always appreciate ‘all’ the enthusiasts or former owners that still come along to just for the social side of things as it all adds to the day! We had well over forty cars turn up, but with people coming and going all day and Ed Keating using the centre of the car park for the photo shoot, things worked very well. Just my apologise that I didnt get to say goodbye to everyone as they left.

    So for 2017 our hats off to the Ace Cafe London for hosting us for another year and the GTROC looks forward to seeing you again in 2018 when it all begins again on the last Saturday in April  :cool:

    Photos of the day will be in the post events section soon – with thanks to all photographers – as well as in the Photo Albums on the GTROC Facebook Page  :thumbsup:



    1 year, 5 months ago

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