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    SATURDAY 02nd & SUNDAY 03rd JUNE 2018

    A BRAND NEW event for the GTROC for 2018 which being our first time there will bring all sorts of challenges & organisational skills to play from the events team for our members! The event has been running for a number of years now growing in popularity & presence, so having listened to the requests of our members we will be attending. Coventry MotoFest is an amazing, fun, free motoring based festival for the the whole family located in the city of Coventry! Cars, motorcycles, live music, trucks, buses, films, stock cars, armoured vehicles, taxis, art, stalls, design, education, prototypes, engineering & even some bicycles take part. In short, if it’s got something to do with transport, has a connection to the City of Coventry & probably involves an engine in some way, it’ll be here.

    There’s always so much going on, and quite simply everything is free to attend for the public. You may ask why Coventry but no other city in the United Kingdom has a heritage of transport innovation & development to match Coventry. From the invention & manufacture of the first modern bicycle by James Starley, through motorcycles churned out by around 150 companies, to the current day when the city is training students in design, business & manufacturing. The City of Coventry has always been proactive when it comes to the transport industry.

    We will have far more details coming on this thread when we received them, but the GTROC has secured a TWENTY car stand for Skylines, Stageas & GT-Rs over both the Saturday & Sunday of the event.

    Tickets are a bargain at £10.00 a car including driver & three passengers. For those wishing to do the entire weekend, then we will sort out a local hotel at a preferential rate unless of course you do live nearby! The city is surrounded by a dual carriageway ring road with many of the city streets closed down so that clubs, cars, bikes etc. can statically display. They also have a sprint circuit & we will be getting details of this so we can unleash our Skylines, Stageas & GT-Rs on the viewing public!

    Tickets onto the 2018 GTROC Stand –

    Remember, first come, first served & make sure you can attend before purchase. Also if your attending both days you will get the Sunday on the stand free. Please add your names below when you have purchased your ticket.

    Have a look at their website for an idea, but as we received news then so will you on here.




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