Alltorqueuk official trader and distributor of Jayswax

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    Im happy to report that we are now an official trader/distributor of Jayswax.

    This means that not only will we now be using Jayswax products as well as other top brands like Dodojuice, Swissvax and Zymol in all our detail packages, but we can now offer 10% off anything in the Jayswax line up as well as our additional 10% for all GTROC members on our detail packages!

    This means that you get 10% off any of our detail packages, and if you would like to maintain your car at shows or at home between details we can provide Jayswax products 10% cheaper than anyone else!

    These include quick detailers, glass cleaners/polish, waxs, sealants, interior and wheel products!

    So if you would like any further information please comment below or send us a PM :) Professional Car Detailing 0o__o0

    3 months, 1 week ago
  • Jaywax products now availible. Let me know if you need anything and il bring it to a show for you :) 10% of all products, everything for detailing in the range, so just ask. Online shop coming soon on ;) Professional Car Detailing 0o__o0

    2 months, 3 weeks ago

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