A New Drag Racing Series – of special interest of R35 owners!

  • Ludders

    A brand new drag racing series is being launched this year and owners of R35 GT-Rs can drive in it with no additional safety equipment fitted to the car as long as your car does not go quicker than 9.99 seconds!

    If you run the quarter mile in a quicker time you can still join in, but you will be required to fit a roll cage and a couple of other items to your car.

    All Skylines can also enter this new series but depending on how quickly you can run the 1/4 mile, again certain safety equipment might be required – like a roll bar for example.

    This is the real deal as first across the line wins!

    Get a good reaction time and beat the quicker car!

    The Series will run over four events with any number of warm up runs and one or two qualifiers on the Saturday. Then on Sunday two more qualifiers at least followed by the quarter finals, semi finals and final.

    So basically tt’s a knockout with proper racing and not just time trialling!

    This is all taking place at then Shakespeare Raceway and the dates are as follows :

    • 13th/14th May 2018
    • 10th/11th June 2018
    • Sept 30th/1st October 2018
    • 14th/15th October 2018

    If you are prepared to fit the safety equipment required under MSA regulations then you will also be able to attend a further two rounds on the following date :

    • April 30th/1st May 2018 – MSA Meeting
      26/28th August – MSA Meeting

    Please add your name below if you are interested and I will get back to you with more details.


    Jeff Ludgate.

    3 years, 8 months ago
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