4" or 102mm Garage Whifbitz Silenced Y Pipe For Sale

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  • Alan Akehurst

    I have my Garage Whifbitz silenced Y pipe for sale

    Its the 4″ or 102mm stainless Y pipe with V band clamp (Clamp not included)

    Has been used for less than 1000 miles with a few marks but all good, flex joints 100%

    New item is in excess of £450 see their web site for info PLEASE remember its the 4″ version

    Looking for £300 + delivery but I can take to the Ace meet on Sat 29th or Japfest on Sun 30th April if that’s suits anyone

    PM me is the best way :good:

    Best regards Alan

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    6 months, 2 weeks ago

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