Cheaper to buy a GTR?

2 years ago

The Nissan R35 GT-R is expensive.

It’s fun to drive & is a definitely a bit of a legend but is still pricey nonetheless.

However would you believe there’s a GT-R watch out there that beats the actual GT-R’s price tag?!

Grand Seiko – the luxury arm of the popular Japanese watchmaker – is now accepting orders for a GT-R-inspired timepiece based on the limited-edition GT-R50 from Italdesign.

So are you sitting down, are you ready for it …

This watch costs a whopping 20,000,000 yen … minimum … before taxes.

So in UK money that around £139,532.75 so yes you can by an R35 GT-R for that money.

So what do you get for all that money?

  1. The watch is completely customizable, from the color of the Grand Seiko logo to the material used on the crown.
  2. It has a three-day power reserve.
  3. A dual-curved sapphire glass crystal.
  4. A stopwatch function.
  5. Billed as being accurate within 10 seconds per month.
  6. A GT-R logo emblazoned on the back made from 18-karat gold.

So that explains the price tag then …

If you’re interested then Seiko is now taking orders for the watch from its flagship salon in Ginza, Tokyo.