Nissan GTR : Fun for the Young at Heart

3 years ago

Nissan’s stance on “respecting your elders” just got real. The company put some Brazilian seniors behind the wheel of a GT-R sports car just as their drivers licenses are set to expire for good. Although Brazilian Traffic Code does not lay down a maximum driving age to get or renew a driver’s license, people above the age of 65 must pass a physical test every three years which for some seniors in Brazil means their driving days may be behind them.

So why not go out when driving one of the fastest production cars in the world!?

With this emotional milestone in mind, Nissan Brasil presents “The Great Farewell“. In this special piece of content you can see the seniors taking the wheel of the Nissan GT-R at a racetrack for an experience that’s packed with surprises – & smiles – from start to finish.