Shakedown – Newly evolved Nissan GTR NISMO GT3

1 year ago

Nissan Motorsports International (NISMO) today announced that it has completed a shakedown of the newly evolved Nissan GT-R NISMO GT3 that has been built in accordance with FIA GT3 regulations.

These tests were carried out over April 11th to 12th at Fuji Speedway where development drivers, Masataka Yanagida & Michael Krumm were joined by Mitsunori Takaboshi, who is competing in this season’s SUPER GT GT300 class driving the current model Nissan GT-R NISMO GT3. Although the first day of testing ended with only a component check due to rain, the second day was blessed with fine weather & drivers steadily completed laps to run on track for approximately 600km. Although there was some minor trouble early on, there were no major issues & starting from the drivers, everyone in the team rounded out the tests feeling positive with the results. The car will be further developed through tests to be carried out in Japan and Europe.

NISMO & MOTUL have a long-standing partnership that has spanned many years of competition in series such as the SUPER GT & Blancpain GT & this development collaboration will be further extended through this project.

Masataka Yanagida (Development Driver) :
“In the initial run, when the car was completely untouched and we still hadn’t made any setup adjustments, it felt really good and the front end was firmly turning in mid-corner. I was surprised at how well it handled and it really showed me the car’s potential. There are still a few areas where it is a bit peaky & hard to handle so we just need to further improve on its strong points and build up a car that, like the road cars, is one that anyone can drive to the limit. The development team has members that raced with me in the SUPER GT & we will all work together to build a fast & competitive GT-R.”

Michael Krumm (Development Driver) :
“It was amazing how all the systems worked so well right from the beginning & the potential for making further improvements is very high. As this car will be used worldwide by a variety of drivers with different styles, I want to work hard to ensure that it is possible to drive it safely at high speeds. I’m looking forward to the next tests”.

Yuzo Ishikawa (NISMO Corporate Vice President in charge of Development)
“Due to the fact that this was a shakedown, the main aim was to confirm the functioning of components and we’re not yet at the stage of adjusting the settings or carrying out time-attacks. However, just listening to the drivers’ comments and looking at the data, one does get the feeling that the car has the potential that we were aiming for. The Nissan GT-R NISMO GT3 has been competing in GT3 races around the world since its announcement in 2012. Although there is still a long road until development is completed, we are aiming to utilize the data we’ve accumulated so far to build a car that is competitive and one that customers will choose”.