MY2011 – details announced

by Fuggles
9 years ago

full slide deck on our Flickr page

Product forcus for 2011 – what it all means

If you want to know what’s behind all the rumours of “SpecM” or the Sports Club Team as well as the MY’11 latest details Nissan have kidly given us early insight.  With a focus on improving engine power output, suspension and brakes and other performance imporvements, we don’t have all the details yet but at least we now know they’re looking at them!  If the SpecV was too hard core for you then why not opt for the SpecM?  Not sure what the “M” will stand for as its the luxury version but it’s good to see they’re sticking with the old naming convetion (albeit with a modern 180′ twist)As for the Sports Club, well let’s just see if the GTROC and NMGB can’t put something together for the UK as well !

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